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Our team provide excellent Email Marketing Services with our EDM system

eDM Email Marketing

Online marketing can be roughly classified into keyword advertising, banner advertising and EDM (Email Direct Marketing) email promotion.


EDM as a self-service email promotion is the most competitive and quick in exposing of products and services. You can regularly send your business latest information to your customers, so as to promote new products and build relationships easily.


We provide our best EDM system for the most effective publicity in the least time, with a user-friendly interface, reasonable price for a remarkable benefit.

Features of eDM marketing

iGears provides high-quality email promotion services to unleash your power of your campaigns.

User-friendly Interface

Our interface is user-friendly as no technical experience required.


The interface supports traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, and English.

Templates of eDM Marketing

Create a professional and customized mail in few minutes.


Customized design can also be integrated to the platform.

Mail Merge Function

Personalize your messages by addressing your recipients’ details.


Enhance the open rate and click rate effectively.

eDM Mail Send Time Optimization

Maximize your engagement by sending emails at your decided time.


Email automation with real-time status.

eDM Spam Prevention

Our built-in AI email broadcasting system and multiple servers prevent your emails from being identified as Spam Mail.

eDM Unlimited Contact

Organize client’s information and customize subject and content for them with UNLIMITED storage.


Let them feel you respect and value them.

eDM Mail Analysis Report

EDM® indicates delivery rate, open rate, click-through rate, bounce rate and un-subscription rate.


It also provides an Intuitive Graphical Report for campaigns’ performance.

Built-in eDM Marketing functions

Social Network Sharing buttons, Mailing label printing, SMS broadcasting (Separated plans), Enrolment Forms, etc. are built.


Allow campaigns with different KPIs.


eDM Marketing Price Plans


Our eDM charges are clear at a glance, favors for all business sizes.

  • eDM Plan A

  • HKD2500yr
  • 10,000 emails


    Unlimited no. of recipient

    1GB space

    Numerous templates

Best option
  • eDM Plan B

  • HKD3500yr
  • 50,000 emails


    Unlimited no. of recipient

    1GB space

    Numerous templates

  • eDM Plan C

  • HKD5000yr
  • 100,000 emails


    Unlimited no. of recipient

    1GB space

    Numerous templates

  • eDM Plan D

  • HKD17500yr
  • 500,000 emails


    Unlimited no. of recipient

    1GB space

    Numerous templates

*1,000,000 emails above, please call us to quote
* Extra 1GB Space, $20/Mth
* Data recovery included – Excluding data loss due to the human error by users

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FAQs on eDM


Why chooses our EDM for marketing solution?

EDM costs far less in terms of production time and money when comparing to other traditional advertising or promotional channels, like TV, print ads, direct mails, etc. Our EDM provides a cost-effective communication channel between company and customers. Therefore, it is your best choice!

Does iGears’ EDM service guarantee the “open rate” of the mail?

To ensure the reports of the customers’ response rate are accurate and independent, iGears will not guarantee the minimum open rate.

How to collect e-mail addresses?

You can use our Mail Collecting Function to collect e-mail addresses. This function can be established on the website to let others to fill in their e-mail address and their e-mail address will then show and store in your own mail database directly.


What types of format do EDM supports?

It supports text, HTML, JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF, etc.

How long does it take for EDM to send out the mail?

It takes about an hour for sending about 5,000 emails.
*Sending time is for reference purposes only; real-time depends on the actual condition.

Is there a trial version for EDM?

Yes. You only need to fill in the application form on the website, and then you will get the 7-day trial version.

How long does it take to set up EDM??

If you are well-prepared with your clients’ mailing address and advertisement, it will only take you a few minutes for sending out the first promotional mail.

Does EDM provide templates?

Yes, there are fourteen templates in EDM.

What are the open rates of EDM?

Based on experience, the open rates are around 10% to 30%.

What affects the mails’ open rate?

The open rate will be affected by the reputation of the company, advertisement topic and advertisement content and the sending and receiving time of mail.


What are the differences between using MS Outlook and EDM for sending promotional emails?

Professional trusteeship: iGears use EDM’s dedicated system to send out emails 24 hours a day, which will not overload your company’s server.

Professional template design: EDM provides professional templates design, so users can create a customized mail in just a few minutes.

Analysis report: MS Outlook cannot generate reports, such as open rate, click-through rate, etc. Moreover, EDM provides statistics reports and also the intuitive graphical report.

What EDM can do but MD Outlook cannot
  • Free and Professional HTML Mail Templates
  • Mail Merge
  • Pictures Saving Spaces
  • Contacts Management
  • Automatic Un-subscription Filter
  • Analysis Report
  • Avoid Complaints from Internet Suppliers
  • 24-hour Services


Is there a trial version?

Yes, we provide a 7-days trial version for new client. Please contact us for more information.

How to apply for EDM?

Detail Information please fill in the application form or contact with

Phone: +852 2117 8811

Whatsapp: +852 5160 3621

Email: sales@igears.com.hk

If you still have any question, feel free to contact our sales team!