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SMS & MMS Services

Text messaging (SMS) is a cost-effective and very popular communication channel today. With few clicks, you could turn your enthusiastic words, emojis and GIFs into messages of business notification, product promotion, shipping notices. We offer different plans for your one-time campaigns, customer management or advertising sales, strengthening your customer relationship management.  As a well-equipped and qualified company, we are dedicated in connecting you with your customers with SMS.

Our SMS features

MarketHK provides you with high-quality mobile SMS promotion services, communicate effectively with customers in a safe, stable and efficient way.

Self Web-based Platform

No installation required. SMS broadcast scheduling. Provide report. Auto-remind of account balance.

Import Contacts Easily

Time is money. Directly import contacts from Excel xls, xlsx, xsv or txt files is what you need.

Customized Sender ID

Want a different ID? You can access customize Sender ID, number and company name (in English), please contact us for further information!

Wide Coverage of Sending

Regional or even with a global campaign? Our service covers Hong Kong (+852), China (+86) and the oversea.

Support Different Languages

Does your message require different languages? We support English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and other language (UTF 8), avoid garbled text problem.

Follow the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Ordinance’

You can have free searching and blocking the Not-to-call Registers.

Easily query SMS delivery results

Our system will report the delivery status in real time, allowing you to deal with SMS text messages worry-free!

Check account balance

The SMS system provides the remaining balance of the account, allowing you to easily control SMS costs!

Customize SMS display name and Chinese SMS signature

Provide a custom company name or mobile phone number, and a Chinese SMS signature.

SMS Price Plan

Our SMS charges are suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Best option
  • Plan B

  • HKD3,600Credit
  • 8,000 SMS

    HKD 0.45/unit

    Customized Sender ID

  • Plan C

  • HKD8,000Credit
  • 20,000 SMS

    HKD 0.4/unit

    Customized Sender ID

*The character limit of each local SMS in Hong Kong is 70 Chinese characters or 160 English characters respectively.
*The character limit of each Chinese mainland SMS is 60 Chinese characters.

*If the length of SMS exceed the word limit, that SMS will count 2 units or more. Number of credit deducted will depends on the unit of the SMS.

MMS Packages


MMS allows image attachment with messages, these are our plans for MMS。

  • MMS Plan A

  • HKD1500Credit
  • 900 messages

    HKD 1.2/ MMS (HK only)

    HKD 500 Service charge for setup/testing

    Customized Sender ID

  • MMS Plan B

  • HKD2060Credit
  • 1,300 messages

    HKD 1.2/ MMS (HK only)

    HKD 500 Service charge for setup/testing

    Customized Sender ID

  • MMS Plan C

  • HKD3850Credit
  • 3,000 messages

    HKD 1.2/ MMS (HK Only)

    HKD 250 Service charge for setup/testing

    Customized Sender ID

  • MMS Plan D

  • HKD6000up
  • 5,000 messages up

    HKD 1.2/ MMS

    Allow Mainland / International MMS

    Customized Sender ID

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Do MarketHK provide Location Based Service (LBS)?

Yes. Customers can select more than a region for SMS delivery. They can also choose the gender, age, nationality and other features of the receiver. The mobile phone users who fulfilled the requirement will receive the SMS when they stay in that region for more than 15 minutes.

Do MarketHK support 'Long SMS'?

Yes, we support ‘Long SMS’ with the following rules:

For English SMS:

1 unit: 160 English character, 2 units: 160+146 English character, 3 or more units: 160+146+153*n English character

For Chinese SMS:

1 unit: 70 Chinese character, 2 units: 70+64 Chinese character, 3 or more units: 70+64+67*n Chinese character

If there are any limitations of the sender ID?

The ID must be within 11 English characters.

Expect for English, can I use another language for the SMS?

We support Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English content only


How long does it take for an SMS to be sent

It depends on the amount of SMS. On average the delivery time for 10-20 SMS is a second. The actual delivery time will be affected by the network.

Can I send SMS to overseas countries?

Customers can choose different plans to send SMS to Mainland, Macau and other overseas countries. Please contact our salespersons for more information of pricing.

How to deliver a SMS to many receivers?

You can upload an Excel file of the receivers list and send SMS to them at once easily.

Why people cannot receive my SMS although it was sent out?

People may not able to receive the SMS if they stopped using that phone number, the phone is switched off or the SMS box is full.

How many SMS can I send at once?

You can send as many SMS as you like but the more numbers the longer it may take.

Feel free to contact us if you still have any question!